Judy’s cataract surgery

Judy had surgery last Friday to replace the lens in her right eye which had become increasingly cloudy. It was complicated by the fact that there had also been some deterioration in the cornea starting several years ago. So there was some doubt as to whether they would go ahead with the cataract surgery due to the increased risk (the cornea has an important role to play in helping the eye to recover). We are waiting to see how effective the lens replacement has been. We have a regime of two different kinds of eye drops, four times a day.


One response to “Judy’s cataract surgery

  1. Jean Strandberg

    Am praying the eye drops work and healing takes place quickly. I can’t drive for 2 weeks so whenever I think, “rats, I can’t do that, I can’t get there,” I think of Judy not being able to drive, too, so at least now I have a great reminder to pray for you. Throw in some good words for you, too, Philip.

    This is the first blog I’ve explored at any length, being a predominantly, “email only” computer user. Great source of info.

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