We’re just sending out a newsletter today and we hope that will generate some visits to our blog. We expect to keep it up to date with news and prayer needs. We may add another page just for prayer items — and answers. Let us have your ideas for how to make the site relevant to what you want to know.

If you are not familiar with finding your way around a blog (we weren’t until a few weeks ago) just try clicking on things and see what happens! The pages are listed across the top, and the Front Page contains the posts which we will add to as often as we can. Each post is listed in a particular Category, which we may add to from time to time. There are also Tags which show what kinds of topics are covered in the post. You can select a particular category or tag in order to narrow down which posts are displayed. The right-hand column provides ways of searching for what you want. There are also links to other web sites which have a connection with our areas of interest.

The other pages (About Us; Kasem; Kasem OT) won’t change so often, but at the moment we are still adding to them to build a fuller picture. Let us know what would be helpful.

You can always add a comment, if somethings interests you, or if you disagree and want to start a discussion! Just click on the Leave a comment line at the top or bottom of the post, or the bottom of the page. If someone has already left a comment, click on the 1 comment (or whatever) to see that and add your own.  And if you are an expert blogger, let us know what we are not doing right, and what we can improve.

Thanks for your interest and support.


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