Nana Canute

Shoreham collage

In June Judy’s mum, known as Nana, decided she would like to have a paddle in the sea, at 93. Why not? Living as we do in Thame, Oxfordshire, we are a fair distance from any stretch of sea, by British standards. It would mean at least a 100-mile trip each way, and we would need to do it in a day. And we’d like good weather, please.

Well, last week we did it. Our daughter Alison and grandson Dan came too, so it was a four-generation family outing, a Grand Day Out. Checking Google Maps Satellite pics there looked to be a stretch of good sandy beach at Shoreham Beach, between Brighton and Worthing. And what looked like a ramp to the beach that we could use to push Nana down in her wheelchair. So on Thursday morning we set out and two hours (a hundred miles) later arrived at the planned spot. A steep shingle bank and no ramp down! After some deliberation we decided to give it a go, rather than travel along the coast  hoping to find a better spot. Good decision! Between us we pulled and heaved the wheelchair across the shingle, down to where it was a bit firmer with some sand. What looked like a little ice-cream stall turned out to do a good line in fish-and-chips, and there was a disabled toilet as well. And sunshine. Thank-you Lord!

We all had a lovely day, and Nana paddled her feet in the sea as the tide came in. She looked like King Canute, sitting at the edge  of the waves, defying the waters to advance, which they did anyway. Dan enjoyed getting soaked on the rocky breakwater, and we built a sandcastle. Once we had dragged the wheelchair back up the shingle bank we each had an ice-cream before setting off home again. It really couldn’t have been better. Apart from the shingle perhaps.


One response to “Nana Canute

  1. And the story made a good children’s talk, too!

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