Catching up

We have some catching up to do on various fronts, so here goes.

Judy’s cataract

Judy now has new glasses which make the necessary correction for changes to her eye as a result of the cataract surgery. Her vision is much improved and she is now confident to drive again. Thank you for praying.

Philip’s Ménière’s

Philip has been clear of serious bouts of dizziness since mid-June. A series of tests at the JR hospital in Oxford in August confirmed that the right-side balance canals are not functioning at 100% and that is not likely to change. Each attack apparently does a small amount of permanent damage to the balance mechanism and to the hearing on that side. However, the consultant felt that the disease could well go into remission and not trouble me for some time. He also said that flying was not likely to cause a problem, which is something that had concerned me. So overall, positive news. Pray that it will indeed be kept under control and not be a disruption.

Ghana trip planned

As a result of progress on the above, Philip has booked another visit to work with the Kasem OT translators in Ghana, leaving October 8th and returning November 5th. This should give me 3 weeks in Navrongo to work on checking through the translation with Jonah, Abraham and James.

OT progress

Meanwhile, after Philip finished his check on Jeremiah, he went on to Hosea, and has now also finished that. Now doing some next-stage (final?) revisions on 1 & 2 Samuel. Last week I updated to a new version of Paratext, the software developed by the United Bible Societies to assist translators, making all resources easily accessible. This has meant an old dog learning some new tricks, but the new features are well worth the effort.


One response to “Catching up

  1. Left a comment on your blog. But now I can’t remember what I stuck it under so I guess I’ll just have to write another one. There’s a widget you can add down the righthand column that lists recent comments. You can also turn off those randomly generated links that pop up from time to time if you find them annoying. I think the Ghanaian habit of multiple monikers is downright useful. Adisa served me well in Tamale. Nice clean look to your blog.

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