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P & J in Tamale

Hello! We are Philip and Judy Hewer. We live in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK and we are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. For a lot of our life we have lived in Ghana among the Kasena people. We facilitated the translation of the New Testament of the Bible  into Kasem (that’s the language), as well as initiating adult literacy classes to help those who had not had a chance of going to school.

In 1988 the Kasem New Testament was published, and later reprinted. Right now there is a team of pastors working in Ghana on translation of the Old Testament in to Kasem. Philip works from home on checking their translation for accuracy and clarity of communication. He visits Ghana a couple of times a year to work with the translators face-to-face, going through suggested changes.

See the Kasem and Kasem OT pages for more details and updates.


8 responses to “About us

  1. LOVE the picture!!

  2. Hello P n J
    just received your July 2009 newletter, and have read the first page, at the bottom of which is reference to this blog !

    It all looks very welcoming and informative, and like the letter, I have not read it all yet !

    and there is an invitation to start my own blog – irresistable!

    Thanks for keeping in touch

    Love and God Bless from Steve

  3. Hello Philip and Judy,
    the photograph above reminds me of our time in Tamale: I recognize the place. You were there to show us around, a lifetime ago..
    I want to tell you that I admire you two for starting this blog! God bless, in everything!

  4. Huum- I keep leaving comments- but haven’t noticed any response to them. What’s new?
    What’s hewing?

    • Thanks for your comments, Adisa. It’s good to know you are keeping in touch. I’m off to Ghana for 4 weeks from 8th October.

  5. Hi I am not sure if you check this regularly but I recently came across your website and was wondering if you knew the translation for “ja zʋ digǝ.” My husband was praying over a woman who is bound in addiction and these were the words the Lord gave him. We have never heard this language and I cannot find any information about these words. I came across your website and was encouraged. Please let me know if you have any idea? It seems they are from the Kasem language from my research but as you know I am sure there is very limited information on the Kasem language. In Christ, Erin

  6. Hi, I’m a Kasena and my grand father relocated to the western region years ago. though both of my parents are Kasenas I never had the chance of getting the real touch of the Kasenas. My interest in knowing the truth of this world took me to the Bible and as i read on, i wanted to trace the routes and where the kasenas descended from. It inspiring to know you are carrying out this. There is a lot I think I can learn here.

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